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Dennis Racine
Year: 1961
Make: Austin
Model: Mini
Body: Wagon
Purchased: 1970
This is my first car, it's currently under the process of a full restoration. This is one of the first year Wagon's with the gas tank in the rear compartment. My Dad puchased this car when I was about 4 years old (1970) and was used as the 'family st... More
Year: 1966
Make: Austin
Model: Mini
Body: Sedan (2dr)
Purchased: 1974
Replica of the 1967 Monte Carlo Ralley Winner. This is the car that I'm currently Vintage Racing.
Year: 1963
Make: Austin
Model: Pickup
Body: Pickup
Purchased: 1984
Year: 1960
Make: Morris
Model: Mini
Body: Sedan (2dr)
Purchased: 1987
Hot Street Car/Vintage Racer/AutoCrosser. This car has won several Mini Meet auto-x's, and received fastest mini of the meet on multiple occasions. Has done some vintage racing with it throughout the years, but mostly use it for autocrossing and the ... More
Year: 1978
Make: Mini
Model: 1000
Body: Sedan (2dr)
Purchased: 1996
This is my daily driver. Pretty much your standard late model 1000. About the only thing modified are the wheels and tires. 5" 100+ wheels with 165's. Needs some minor rust repair and some paint, but if i did all that I probably woulnd't want to driv... More
Year: 1997
Make: Four Winds
Model: Hurricane
Body: Other
Purchased: 2011
The new tow vehicle for the race track!
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